Dakh Daughters, as part of the Cultch's Femme Series, York Theatre, until Jan 19

My Two Pence

Well, this is certainly a way to spend the evening.


It is quite difficult to write a theatrical review of what is essentially a brilliantly staged concert. However, what the Dakh Daughters do bring is a level of sophistication to their performance which is so effortless it is spellbinding.


The songs are in many different languages and sometimes we have subtitles and sometimes not, which was interesting as a choice. I am not sure whether it was an active choice for a heightened sense of 'what on earth is happening here' or whether the subtitles were not working on all occasions. Alongside, occasional, lyrics - and certainly one of the most notable things in this performance - is the extensive use of projected animation. The projections were stunning, although a few times became overwhelming - particularly with speed.


The performers themselves and their incredible talent, as actresses, vocalists and musicians are the real heart of this show. It has depth and emotion, whilst also feeling brash, bold and a lot of fun. It is also the Dakh Daughter's first Canadian performance, catch them now, while you can.


- Charlie Upton