Vancouver Theatre. We love it. You love it. But there is a lot to see and with new theatre companies seemingly springing up weekly, independent and pro-am productions and the established veterans, no one has the time or money for everything.

That is why we created Two Cents & Two Pence. Two Cents & Two Pence offers honest critical reviews of Vancouver's current shows. Our contributing team of writers have years of experience within the performing arts scene, both here in Canada and from across the pond. Having said that, and before we get too carried away here, let's remember a critic is most simply one person giving their opinion; it is one person's perspective and a single voice soapbox.

So, what's to be done about that? Well - we operate on a dual review system. We will endeavour for each performance that we see to be reviewed by at least two of our writers - therefore we can simultaneously show two sides of the coin, two unique views on the show at once: a Canadian's Two Cents and a Brit's Two Pennies worth. 



Welcome to Two Cents & Two Pence.

Team: Editor-in-Chief Penny Warwick (UK)

Contributing Two Cents Writers: Kelly Moncton (CA), Lillan Jasper (CA), Daphne Cranbrook (CA), George Duncan (CA), Marie Duncan (CA), Josh Dafoe (CA), Marian Hope (CA), Emma Rossland (CA), Ash Tisdale (CA), Poppy Wainwright (CA), Quinn Grimshaw (CA), Max Timmins (CA)

Contributing Two Pence Writers: Penny Warwick (UK), Liz Gloucester (UK), Robert Blackburn (UK), Josephine Lancaster (UK), Charlie Upton (UK), Irving Bolton (UK)


A word on our ratings

As we are giving our two pence/cents worth in writing we also use this scale to allocate a rating as follows:

Two minted pennies (or cents) is the highest rating possible. It means that this show is really something quite spectacular. Book now!

Two pennies (or cents) means we really liked it. Go and see this show.

One and a half pennies (or cents) means we thought it was good. Try and make it.

One penny (or cent) means we thought it was okay.

Half a penny (or cent) means we didn't think it was okay.